Department of Physical Education

About the course

Education opens up the minds and hearts of people so that they may communicate and live in harmony and peace. Academic institutions are true temples of learning to serve humanity through knowledge, wisdom and values, while the role of teachers is to impart quality and up-to-date knowledge and to understand the difference as well as the psychology of the students. A teacher with effective teaching skills can make the learning process effective, interesting, energetic and goal orient. The aim of this course is to impart teachers' training in order to provide teachers of high caliber and innovative attitudes for social development and to develop an understanding of the psychology of their students. This course also develops aesthetic sensibilities and research in education.

Future Prospects

Now a days it is mandatory for the Government as well as private schools to have B.Ed. qualifications for those who want to make their careers in teaching. So this course has a wide scope for the students who wish to serve society as teachers. A career in sports covers areas like participants as professional players, umpires, coaches and physical education administrators. Recently for sports promotion, the Government has made it mandatory for all schools/Colleges to have teachers of physical education which has considerably increased prospects of employment.