Faculty of Computer Applications

About the course

Information Technology has been the greatest agent of transportation of technology and advancement of global economy. It will definitely be having a bigger role to play in the coming years. It is changing every aspect of human life, be it communication, trade, manufacturing, services, culture, entertainment, education, research, defense or global security. IT covers a wide spectrum of issues. It includes telecommunication, finance, banking revenue, commerce, electronics, human resources development, defense and rural development. It also addresses critical national needs in the areas of information infrastructure, internet access, software development and exports, hardware manufacture, electronic commerce, research in IT, manpower training and education.

The course aims to provide advanced knowledge and skills to enable graduates to embark readily and successfully in their chosen careers as IT professionals and managing modern organizations through diversified application of computers and create a sound foundation and academics base required for further studies.

Future Prospects

After successful completion of MCA ,MSc C.S. and BCA, the candidates will be able to get jobs in different industries like software engineering and development, hardware and networking, research and development, services and application support, etc. This programme is developed to train students for the growing IT industry. The students will be able to seek careers as Database Administrators, System Analysts, Computer Programmers, Web Developers, Multimedia Developers, Communication Analysts or Network Managers.

The hardware and networking industry contain the physical elements of computer system (i.e.) designing, manufacturing and maintenance of computers. It also involves integration and installation of computer systems through networking. Research and development involves the crafting of circuits and chips and computer architecture. The service and application support industry includes application management and system integration, maintenance of software application and its installation and much more.