Faculty of Bio Science

About the course

Science is important but it is more Important to take up science as a process and not as a product. Industrial development of countries and improvement in the quality of life of the people are associated with the application of scientific knowledge. The faculty of Bio science is devoted to impart applied knowledge of science, especially in the field of biotechnology & microbiology.

Future Prospects

Our students get entry into the prestigious institutions such as University of Delhi (DU), All India Institute of Medical Sciences (ABMS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) etc for their study at master level. Many of our postgraduate students qualified national fellowship programmes including UGC-CSIR-NET, DBT, ICMR, GATE etc. The department regularly invites eminent scientists and academicians to deliver seminars on current topics.

A career in Biotechnology and Microbiology offers a variety of excellent works in various sectors at national and international level. Bright job opportunities are available in research and development sector, pharmaceutical companies, quality control and various biological productions industries. The students may also pursue their carrier as genetic engineer, bioprocess engineer, molecular biologist, microbiologist, virologist, research associates, research assistant, lab assistant etc.