Empowerment in India in the 21st century

Empowerment in India in the 21st century

A legal seminar was organized in the premises of Shri Ram College of Law. Whose theme was "Empowerment in India in the 21st century". Dr. N.S. Kamboj, Retired Professor, Department of Law attended the seminar as the chief guest. The seminar was inaugurated by lighting the lamp and presenting a bunch of flowers to the guests. Inaugurating the program, college spokesperson Aanchal Agarwal said that the need for women empowerment is felt not only at the level of society, families but also at the level of the government. has been done. In the constitution of our country, citizens have not been discriminated on the basis of men and women, everyone has been given equal opportunities and the role of women is important in nation building.

After this, the law students expressed their views on the related topic. First of all, student Ayan Tyagi said that in the 21st century, women are not capable. In every field they have the same cooperation as men. Student Vansh Vardhan said that women have been given the right to vote, which itself is a revolutionary step towards women empowerment. India has a proud history of women. Student Tabassum Parveen said that today's women are flying fighter planes from security of borders. Their role is important in constitutional institutions.

On this occasion, Dr. N.S. Kamboj, the chief guest of the program, said that in the process of making the society safe for women, first of all political, administrative, judicial departments need to be made gender-sensitive and free from gender bias towards women, because all these departments Symbol of power and authority. And the ideal of the youth. In such a situation, it is necessary that first of all reforms should be brought in them, only then the society can be changed. In this programme, the law students showed great enthusiasm. At the end of the program, Principal of the college Dr. Poonam Sharma expressed gratitude to the guests by presenting them with a token.

The program was coordinated by the spokesperson of the college, Aanchal Agarwal. All the teachers and students of Shri Ram College of Law cooperated in this program. Sanjeev Tomar, Sonia Gaur, Rakhi Dhilaur, Rammanu Pratap Singh, Akanksha, Goldie, Heena Gupta, Vinay Tiwari, Preeti and Tirlok etc. were present in the programme.

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