Transforming Criminal Law in Modern India

Transforming Criminal Law in Modern India

Today, a seminar was organized in the premises of Shri Ram College of Law, whose topic was "Transforming Criminal Law in Modern India". Dr. V.P. . Singh Law Dept. NAS College. The program was presided over by Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh, Director Shriram College of Law, Muzaffarnagar and special guest Dr. Pramod Kumar, Spokesperson Saraswati College of Law, Shikarpur.

The seminar was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the guests. On behalf of the college, the guests were welcomed by offering bouquets. Inaugurating the program, the spokesperson of the college, Ms. Anchal Aggarwal said that for the development of the country along with the economic and social progress, expected reform in the judicial system is necessary if we want to improve criminal laws. If we talk about it, to establish peace and order in the society, it is necessary to change the law and order with time. After this, ideas were also presented by the students of the college. Ayan Tyagi said that if the rule of justice wants to give the right result, then it is the duty of the court to do its work properly. Ku 0 Huren said that all the three bills have been prepared for a comprehensive consideration for 4 years, in which the views of 18 states, 6 union territories and 142 MPs have been included.

कु0 गोल्डी त्यागी प्रवक्ता ने अपने विचार रखते हुए कहा कि कानून व्यवस्था में सुधार की किसी भी योजना को लागू करने से पहले पूर्व व्यापी समस्याओं का जानना आवश्यक है।डॉ0 हिना गुप्ता प्रवक्ता ने अपने विचार रखते हुए कहा कि भारत की मौजूदा आवश्यकताओं को ध्यान में रखते हुए बनाये गये कानूनों में विशेष रूप से ध्यान रखने वाली बात यह है कि पुराने कानून में वर्तमान समस्याओं से निपटने के लिए र्प्याप्त साधन नहीं रह गये थे, इसलिए नये कानून की आवश्यकता आज कें समय के अनुसार रहेगी।विशिष्ठ अतिथि डॉ0 प्रमोद कुमार ने कहा कि अधिक न्यायधीशो की नियुक्ती, पुलिस व्यवस्था में सुधार, वैज्ञानिक तकनीको को उन्नत करना तथा अन्य बुनियादी ढ़ाचे के उन्नतिकरण का भी समावेश होना आवश्यक है।

Dr. V. P. Singh, the chief guest, blessed everyone and praised all the participants. He said that any amendment in the criminal system of India should bring about changes in the laws keeping in mind a variety of principles.The participants were awarded by the guests.

Gratitude was expressed to the guests by presenting them with symbols, thanks were expressed to the guests by Dr. Poonam Sharma, the principal of the college. The program was coordinated by spokesperson Ms. Aanchal Agarwal. All the teachers and students of Shri Ram College of Law participated in the program. There was cooperation of Speakers Mr. Sanjeev Tomar, Mrs. Sonia Gaur, Mr. Rakhi Dhilaur, Mr. Rammanu Pratap Singh, Ms. Akansha Tyagi, Ms. Goldi Tyagi, Dr. Hina Gupta, Ms. Preeti, Mr. Vinay Tiwari and Mr. Titralok Chand etc. contributed in the program.

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