A seminar was organized. Whose subject, "Rights without duties"

A seminar was organized. Whose subject, "Rights without duties"

A seminar was organized in the premises of Shri Ram College of Law. Whose subject was "rights without duties". The program was presided over by Professor R.K.Aran, Former Head, Department of Law, DAV College, Muzaffarnagar. Ashok Kushwaha, Senior Advocate, Civil Bar Association, Muzaffarnagar was present as the chief guest. Chandramohan Juneja, Senior Advocate, District Bar Association, Muzaffarnagar, Professor MI Usmani, Department of Law, JV Jain College, Saharanpur, Professor PS Panwar, Shobhit University, Saharanpur, and Professor Vivek Aggarwal, Department of Law, JV Jain College, Saharanpur were present as special guests.The seminar was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by the guests. The guests were welcomed by the college by presenting them with a bouquet.

Inaugurating the programme, spokesperson of the college Aanchal Aggarwal said that the quality of the society is the result of the duty performed by the citizens. The modern Indian society is also the result of the conscious duty performed by the forefathers. Performing duty is the pivot of an ideal society. The specialty of an ideal society is that its citizens always perform their duties.

Participating in the seminar, student Ayan Tyagi informed about the fundamental rights while informing about the history of the Indian Constitution. Student Vanshvardhan presented his views in detail about the fundamental duty and the policy directive elements of the state. Student Iqra Sajid said that the rights and duties mentioned in the constitution are two sides of the same coin, it is necessary to follow the duties before the rights. On this occasion, the special guest Chandramohan Juneja, senior advocate said that the concept of fundamental rights and duties are important for a democratic country like India, he said that it is necessary to follow our duties, so that we will get our rights automatically.

On this occasion, the special guest Professor MI Usmani said that both fundamental rights and duties have been provided in the Constitution of India, and both are two sides of the same coin, where there are rights, there are also duties. Austin has also said that rights and duties cannot live without each other.Professor P.S.Panwar, the special guest on the occasion, said that fundamental duties establish democratic balance by making people aware of the country and promote the feeling of patriotism.Professor Vivek Aggarwal, the special guest on the occasion said that fundamental duties help in achieving national goals by ensuring active participation of citizens along with fostering a sense of discipline and commitment towards the nation. Expressing his views, guest Ashok Kushwaha said that India's culture has been duty-oriented since ancient times. Even in the rule of King Shri Ramchandra, people only had the feeling of performing their duties, due to which they got their rights automatically. By the time of Mahabharat period, Mauryan period, Mughal period and British period, this structure deteriorated and rights were promoted after independence. At present, a democracy cannot be called alive until the citizens of the country are ready to handle their responsibilities for the best interest of the country.

Professor RK Aron said that fundamental duties are not legally enforceable, it is the duty of the state and individuals to perform their duties for the welfare of the society. All natural forces also perform their duties continuously. On this occasion, the director of the college, Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh said that we all should follow our duties. At the end of the program, all the guests were thanked by presenting their token Dean of the college Dr. Poonam Sharma expressed gratitude to all the guests. The program was coordinated by spokesperson Ms. Aanchal Agarwal. All the teachers and students of Shri Ram College of Law cooperated in this program. Spokespersons Sanjeev Tomar, Ms. Sonia Gaur, Ms. Rakhi Dhilaur, Ms. Rekha Dhilaur, Ms. Rammanupratap Singh, Ms. Akanshatyagi, and Ms. Preeti, Vinay Tiwari and Tiralokchand etc. contributed in the program.

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