Felicitation ceremony in honor of Municipal President Meenakshi Swaroop

Felicitation ceremony in honor of Municipal President Meenakshi Swaroop

A felicitation ceremony was organized in Shriram College, Muzaffarnagar in honor of the newly elected Municipal President Meenakshi Swaroop. Senior BJP leader and industrialist Gaurav Swaroop, Chairman of Shriram Group of Colleges Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Secretary, Shriram Group of Colleges E. Sankalp Kulshrestha, President of Shriram College Dr. Poonam Sharma, Senior Social Worker, Ashok Batla, E.O. Municipal Council Hemraj Singh, Principal of Shriram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Director of Shriram College, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shriram College of Pharmacy, Dr. Girendra Gautam, Principal, Shriram Group of Polytechnics, Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Dean Shriram College of Engineering, Dr. Suchitra Tyagi etc. Be present

On this occasion, President of Muzaffarnagar Municipality Meenakshi Swaroop thanked the people of Muzaffarnagar and everyone sitting in the auditorium and said that she will take Muzaffarnagar city to new heights during her tenure. promised to solve the problem. At the same time, he told that for the disposal of the city's garbage, he has tied up with a Netherlands company, which will produce energy from the garbage, for which he told that there are big piles of garbage near Kidwai Nagar, that company An amount of Rs 17 crore 87 lakh has been allocated from the government to run the work smoothly. He said that it is the duty of all the enlightened people and teachers present here to tell everyone the importance of cleanliness and cooperate with the municipality in making the city beautiful.

On this occasion, Hemraj Singh, Executive Officer of Muzaffarnagar Municipality appealed to all the residents and said that if we all cooperate in cleaning the city, then this task will become easy. He told that there are a total of eight drains in Muzaffarnagar Municipality, for whose drainage the municipality is continuously working so that the problem of water logging within the city can be solved. He said that whenever you buy a new house or plot, check its height from the main road. Some settlements and colonies settle deep from the main road, they face a lot of problems in water drainage.

After this, senior BJP leader, Gaurav Swaroop said in his address that the municipality of Muzaffarnagar is the municipality of all of us. He talked about paying special attention to Muzaffarnagar's image and its beautification, and also told that schools running on low fees for education in the city will be revived. And an appeal will be made to the eminent social workers of the city to adopt such schools, roads and intersections so that they can be looked after regularly. In the end, he assured everyone that soon Muzaffarnagar will also be included in the list of smart cities.

On this occasion, Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Founder Chairman of Shri Ram College, welcomed Municipal Chairperson Meenakshi Swaroop and said that he will cooperate fully in the development of Muzaffarnagar, if the responsibility of any square, intersection, road or school is entrusted to him by the municipality. He will discharge it with full sincerity. In the end, plantation was also done by all the guests in the premises of Shri Ram College. On this occasion, all the teaching and non-teaching staff of Shri Ram College were present in the auditorium.

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