Inauguration of seven day national workshop

Inauguration of seven day national workshop

Shriram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar, in collaboration with the Center for Innovation, Fabrication and Entrepreneurship Development (CEFED), is organizing a seven-day national workshop on 'IOT and Cyber Security Trends, Challenges and Solutions' from 27 May to 3 June 2023. Is. The seven-day long workshop was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Founder Chairman of the organization and Dr. Neeraj Saxena, Advisor (SAG), AICTE, New Delhi.

On the first day of the workshop Dr. Neeraj Saxena, Advisor (SAG) of AICTE, New Delhi was the chief guest and speaker. Highlighting the use of Internet of Things, Dr. Neeraj Saxena said that it is used to transfer data from one device to another with the help of sensors, software and technology.Keynote speaker Dr. Neeraj Saxena highlighted the topic Putting that Internet of Things is used to transfer data from one device to another with the help of sensors, software and technology. It means "to access and control a device using the Internet". He told the students that through the Internet of Things, we can access and control the devices with the help of the Internet. In other words, "All those physical devices that are connected to the Internet and that collect and share data are called IoT." In 'Internet of Things', 'Things' means, from the Internet Connected all those things which we use everyday in our life like- mobile phone, smart watch, fan at home, and car etc. We can access all these things by connecting to the internet. With the use of IoT, work can be done quickly and efficiently in organizations and industries. Like- to complete the work on time, to provide good service to the customer and to increase the value of the business in the market.Throwing light on Internet of Things, Dr. Pradyuman K. Pandey, working as Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, Roorkee, said that Internet of Things has many benefits. With the help of IoT, we can get the required information by sitting in any corner of the world. For this, we should have the facility of internet connection and smart device, with the help of which we can get any type of information easily. IoT devices transfer data from one device to another at a very high speed.

In the olden days, 2G and 3G were used to transfer the data, due to which it used to take a long time to transfer the data. And now 5G has also been launched in India, with the help of which the transfer of data will become even easier and faster. IOT helps in reducing the expenses of business, due to which a lot of expenses in business can be reduced to a greater extent. gets less. With the help of IoT devices, it is easy to maintain production and equipment, due to which a lot of money does not have to be spent on all these things.
Dr. Neeraj Saxena told the students that IoT promotes automation. Automation means that the devices of IoT are capable of completing the tasks automatically which require human force and effort. In IoT, the user's time is saved because IoT is able to perform a task more quickly.

Dr. Nitesh Kumar, working as Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering, Roorkee, said that machine is capable of doing work at a faster pace than humans. Using IoT, we can easily monitor any object. Such as monitoring the quantity of air, monitoring temperature, monitoring air quality and monitoring your production etc. IoT has really made people's lives a lot easier. In today's time, almost everyone is using I.O.T. Let's use the device. Due to which people are able to complete their work easily. As nowadays people use devices like smart phone, smart TV, refrigerator, AC and smart car, they have simplified the lives of the people. In the same sequence, he further told that with the help of IoT, resources can be fully utilized. Because in this, machines are used to complete a task and the machine is able to use resources better than humans.

The other side of IoT is that it also has some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of this is that there is a lack of security in it. That is, the user's data is not completely secure. Most of the IoT devices are connected with the internet due to which these devices can be hacked by hackers. Due to which hackers can easily steal user's data. It is very difficult to design, develop and maintain those technologies in IoT, they are complicated. Nowadays, most of the tasks are completed by IoT-enabled machines. Due to which there is no need of workers or employees or it is very less, which is one of the causes of unemployment. In today's time, almost every person has become completely dependent on IoT devices. Means human cannot do any work without these devices. People from small to big have become dependent on them which can prove to be harmful in future.He further told that in the Corona period where the use of new educational techniques was seen, the process of classroom education has completely changed. In today's environment, traditional classrooms are proving unsuccessful in attracting students.

In this workshop, Dr. Neeraj Saxena, Dr. Pradyuman K. Pandey, Dr. Nitesh Kumar, President of Shri Ram College Dr. Poonam Sharma, Director of the Institute Dr. Alok Gupta, Director of Shri Ram College Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dean Dr. Suchitra Tyagi, Dean of Shri Ram College Principal Dr. Prerna Mittal and all other teachers were present.

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