Guest lecture organized in Agriculture Department

Guest lecture organized in Agriculture Department

A guest lecture was organized by the Department of Agriculture, Shri Ram College. Which was conducted by Shri Ram College Director Dr. Ashok Kumar, Principal Dr. Prerna Mittal and Head of Agriculture Department Dr. Naeem.

Dr. Rajveer Singh, Gochar College, Rampur Maniharan and Dr. Sachin Jain, Amar Singh College, Likhauti, Bulandshahr were invited as keynote speakers in this lecture. On this occasion, Dr. Rajveer Singh told about the diseases caused by the crops and their effect, said that in today's time many new diseases are spreading which destroy the crop in a very short time. That's why farmer brothers should keep visiting their fields. If any kind of change or disease is seen inside any crop, then go to your nearest Krishi Vigyan Kendra or block immediately and take advice for its treatment. In view of the increasing demand in today's time, new technology should be used to increase crop production, sow the seeds after treating them, get the soil tested, keep the distance between one crop to another, before sowing the field in the sun. The soil should be plowed with a plough, and it is necessary to do weeding from time to time.

On this occasion, Dr. Sachin Jain told that diseases in crops are caused by fungus, bacteria, virus, nematode. These diseases can be caused by change in weather, temperature, moisture content and pollution. Told about red rot disease of sugarcane, blight of potato, panicle of paddy, break, karnal bunt disease of wheat etc. He told that every year 5000 crore rupees and 15 to 25 percent loss in crops is due to pests and diseases. Together with the farmers, we have to reduce this loss and tell about the timely identification and treatment of the disease.

On this occasion, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shri Ram College, told that the climate of our place is changing due to pollution, due to which we are facing new diseases. In the coming time, if attention is not paid to stop pollution, then many problems may have to be faced. On this occasion, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shriram College told the students that you are the future of the country and I hope that you Will make a new discovery to get rid of diseases.

On this occasion, the head of the department, Dr. Naeem said that to avoid crop diseases, farmers have to be alert and use quality fertilizers from time to time.

Dr. Vineet Sharma, Mukul Motla, Dr. Vikrant Kumar, Dr. Nishant Rathi, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Dr. Archana Negi, Dr. Rajkumar, Dr. Suraj Singh, Sachin Sahu, Abid, etc. were present in the lecture on this occasion.

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