Healthy and clean by the Department of Agriculture Science and Home Science of Shri Ram College

Healthy and clean by the Department of Agriculture Science and Home Science of Shri Ram College

Inauguration of the second day of the ongoing two-day national seminar on the subject of advanced approach for the manufacture of milk products, Chief Guest Dr. Vijay Kumar Dean Faculty of Agriculture Maa Shakumbhari University Saharanpur, Special Guest Professor Dr. Virpal Singh, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Agricultural University Meerut and Dr. Moolchand Pal, Senior Veterinary Officer Morna, Dr. Alok Gupta, Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Chairman of Shriram Group of Colleges, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shriram College, Dr. Naeem, Head of the Department and Dr. Shweta Rathi, Head of the Department of Home Science, jointly lit the lamp. Ignited.

On this occasion, Dr. Veerpal Singh Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Agricultural University, Modipuram, Head of Livestock Production Management Department, told that maximum water, fat, protein, calcium etc. components are found in milk, it is beneficial for human growth and health. The term functional food was first introduced in Japan in the mid-1980s. They pointed out that the role of food as an agent for improving health has led to the proposal of a new class of food called functional food that has positive effects on host health and well-being beyond their nutritional value. Milk and dairy Products have for many years been associated with health benefits include brothers Active Pesticides Probiotic Bacteria Antioxidants Vitamins Specific Proteins Oligosaccharides Organic Acids Highly Absorbable Calcium Conjugate Linolenic Acid and other biologically active constituents Modulating digestive and gastrointestinal functions Probiotic micro growth and Controlling menu regulation has evolved functionally to improve retention of these specific food products.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Pooja Sharma explained that the role of food as an agent for improving health has proposed a new class of food called functional food that has a host of positive effects on health and well-being beyond their nutritional value. It has the effect of modifying digestive and junctional functions, controlling psycho-dynamics, etc. Increasing consumer awareness of maintaining and improving their health by eating these specific food products has led to the development of many new functional dairy products. There are many functional mechanisms that act on the absorption of cholesterol, can significantly reduce blood pressure, may play a role in the formation of metabolic disorders related to food intake and obesity, and the request itself may have an effect.

Dr Mool Chandrapal, Senior Veterinary Officer, Morna told about clean milk that since childhood, we are told that milk, curd, ghee and other dairy products make bones strong. Along with this, it also supplies essential vitamins and minerals in the body. There should be no dirt in the milk, no bacteria etc. and the cattle shed should be well taken care of so that the milk does not get spoiled and the cleanliness of the animals should be regular. And tell the benefits of keeping milk clean for human consumption, if it is extracted from healthy animals, then the ability to preserve milk will increase, the pH of milk should be 6.8, also he told that milk should not be drunk at night because fat Increases in human body due to which human body becomes fat

In the second session of the seminar, Dr. Vijay Kumar said that due to the increasing population and decreasing land in our country, there may be a lot of problems in eating food in future, so it is necessary to use products derived from milk, milk is such a product. It contains all the nutrients, so the dairy farmer should produce maximum milk from his dairy.

Dr. Shashank Chowdhary Chhotu Ram Degree College, Muzaffarnagar Assistant Teacher and Head of the Department, he told that milk is mostly used in Muzaffarnagar, people adulterate milk so that maximum income can be generated and the economic situation can be improved, but the people here and Everywhere there is a lot of adulteration in it, due to which people play with the human body, play with health, such as adding starch, maltose, glucose, sugar, urea, refined shampoo, cotton seed oil and coconut oil, etc. and hydrogen peroxide. They do this and also use formalin which is used to preserve the dead man's body for some time, adding this also he told that it is very harmful for our health now. The reason for mixing urea is that in which the amount of protein increases, due to which humans get excessive diseases and nitrogen also increases.

Ashish from BSC Agriculture (Cereal Milk Category), Saket Karnik (Yogurt Category), Richa Bharti (Frozen Dessert Category), Pooja Kumari (Chhena Peda Category), Palak ( Matka Milk Category), Priyanka (Herbal Ghee Category), Muskaan Raj (Vahey Drink Category) Palak Kumari (Improve Milk Quality) while Parveen and Jyoti Sirohi (Kalakand Category) from the Department of Home Science were awarded the first prize. The workshop was successfully attended by 263 researchers in which 80 product development, 27 poster competitions, 5 guest lectures, 55 research papers published, 15 oral presentations were participated.

In which 24 awards were received by the candidates in product development and three awards were received in poster presentation and three awards were received in oral presentation. On this occasion, Dr. Ashok Kumar Director Shri Ram College told that the Agriculture Department of Shri Ram College The increase is always a problem faced by the students of the seminar and other states and national level competition and will continue to show the way to deal with them. Sophia Ansari, spokesperson of the Home Department, successfully conducted the two-day seminar, while the Head of the Department of Agricultural Sciences, in making the program successful Dr. Vikrant, Dr. Jitendra, Dr. Anjali, Dr. Archana Negi, Abid, Sachin Sahu, Rajkumar, Suraj Kumar, Mukul, Department of Dr. Naeem, and Dr. Shweta Rathi, Head of Department of Planetary Science and spokesperson Ruby Poswal, Alina Siddiqui, Kajal Mavi, Sofia Ansari, Isha Arora, Payal Pundir, Ayesha Gor, etc. played important roles.

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