Maa Shakumbhari University women's cricket team selection

Maa Shakumbhari University women's cricket team selection

In Shriram College, Muzaffarnagar, the women's section cricket team of the colleges affiliated to Maa Shakumbhari University, trial of inter-college women's cricket competition was organized in which players from different district colleges affiliated to Maa Shakumbhari Saharanpur participated. In today's competition, the university was represented by Dr. Sonali Singh, Jain Girls PG College, Muzaffarnagar.

On this occasion, women's cricket team from Shri Ram College, Muzaffarnagar, Jain Girls, Muzaffarnagar and SD College, Muzaffarnagar participated in the competition. Women's cricket competition was inaugurated by Dr. Sonali Singh, representative of Shakumbhari University, Jain Girls PG College, Muzaffarnagar and Chief Guest Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director, Shriram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal, Shriram College, Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma, Coordinator IQAC, Nishant Kumar Rathi, Dean Computer Applications, Pramod Kumar, Head of Department of Physical Education and Amardeep Sharma, Department of Physical Education. Duly done by the assistant teacher.

Pramod Kumar, Head of the Department of Physical Education, said that this year the responsibility of organizing women's cricket inter-college competition was entrusted to Sri Ram College, Muzaffarnagar by Maa Shakumbhari University, in which a trial match of women's cricket team was played for the university today. The team was selected by the university selectors on the basis of the performance of all the players. Leading the team of Mother Shakumbhari University, which will participate in the Zonal Inter-University Women's Cricket Competition to be held at Shimla, Himachal Pradesh from 26th November to 05th December.

Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shriram College, Muzaffarnagar, while introducing the players, said that the performance of women players from different colleges is commendable. On this occasion, Principal of Shriram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal encouraged all the women players and all selected Congratulated the players for leading the university team. Bhupendra Kumar, Dr. Abdul Aziz Khan, Sandeep Kumar, Amardeep, Prashant and Tarun etc., spokesperson of the Department of Physical Education of Shri Ram College contributed on this occasion.

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