The inaugural ceremony of the trial launch on Omni

The inaugural ceremony of the trial launch on Omni

The inaugural ceremony of the trial launch on Omni (OCR Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Industrial Automation) platform under collaboration of SRGC-Aero was held at Shriram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar today. This test is on a technology called "Omni" which is a combination of different technologies, it is a test product of a company called Aero.

MOU of Shriram Group of Colleges with Aero Digital Lab Company, Gurgaon. The company has signed under which the students of Shri Ram Group of Colleges will be given training on various technical aspects and latest technologies of the company, so that they will not need to go abroad for internship / industrial training.
This training will be mainly for the students of engineering and computer application. RPA It will be based exclusively on other technologies like computer labs of Shri Ram Group of Colleges. Through this training, the knowledge of the most important technologies in the present times will help the students to get the best placement. This one-half training will be coached by Shubham Sidanaji, who works as Intelligence Automation Architecture at Ayro Digital Labs.

The main objective of organizing this training was to make aware about some artificial intelligent based products of Aero Digital Lab, discuss their usefulness and most importantly expose their technical aspects completely by making them aware in depth. Through this training, resource persons from the company came to know about Artificial Intelligence, its utilities and RPA in today's era. That is, robotics process automation was discussed and hands-on was also done on some of the company's projects.
On this occasion, Shubham Sidana said that Artificial Intelligence is such a simulation that machines are given human intelligence or say that their brains are so advanced that they can think and act like humans. There are mainly three processes of Artificial Intelligence: 1. Learning - By this information is inserted into the brains of machines so that they can complete the tasks given on following those instructions. 2. Reasoning - Under this, the machines are made capable of following the instructions and moving towards the results.

On this occasion, Ashish Sharma presented R.P.A. Told about and RPA to teachers. He also got hands on tool. He explained that RPA. That is, Robotics Process Automation is a business automation technology or it can be said that it is an automation software tool through which you can create your own robot i.e. whatever work is done is done automatically by the robot. Its purpose is to reduce the mistakes made by humans. It is used in health, business, finance etc. It makes business process and delivery successful and transfers process execution from human to software. These software can interact with weight-in-house application website and user portal.

On this occasion, Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Chairman of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, presented this MoU. and S.R.G.C. to the Joint Venture. Named one of the main pillars of the University, through which there are hundred percent chances of good training and placement of the students. On this occasion the Director of Shri Ram College of Engineering congratulated the teachers and thanked the resource persons of this workshop.On this occasion Acting Director of Shri Ram College Nishant Rathi, Pawan Goyal from Computer Science and Engg. Neetu Singh from Computer Application and Electronics and Communication Inc. Kanupriya were present.

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