International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day celebrated at Shri Ram College

Keeping in mind the International Yoga Day, a grand yoga camp was organized by Shri Ram College at the sports venue of the college on the auspicious occasion of Yoga Day. In the camp, Yogi Sunil Sharma of Patanjali Yogpeeth provided health benefits to the people present in the camp through yoga. The program was inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Shri Ram Group of Colleges, and Patanjali Yogpeeth Yogi Sunil Sharma, Head of Department of Yoga Dr. Sakshi Sharma and Spokesperson Yogi Sunil. Health benefits were obtained by participating in the camp by the teachers, non-teaching staff, students, volunteers of National Service Scheme unit of Shri Ram College of all the colleges of Shri Ram Group of Colleges. Gayatri Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra were first recited by Yogi Sunil Sharma in the camp. After that, many types of yoga activities like subtle exercises, yogasanas, pranayama, meditation yoga were done in a simple way. Also a lecture was given by Patanjali Yogpeeth Yogi Sunil Sharma explaining the importance of yoga in life.

On this occasion, Yogi Sunil Sharma of Patanjali Yogpeeth said that the body is a temple, we can worship it only through yoga because through yoga, our body is protected from various types of diseases as well as the body's immunity remains the same. Is. Due to modern food, fast food, etc. in youth, terrible diseases enter the body, which can be overcome only by yoga. On this occasion, Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Chairman, Shri Ram Group of Colleges, while congratulating the people present and the volunteers / servants said that a healthy mind is formed in a healthy body and the only way to keep the body and mind healthy is by practicing yoga. Which leads our life towards positive change. For this, it is the responsibility of every teacher that along with adopting yoga practice in their life, students should also be motivated to practice yoga.

On this occasion, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College, while explaining the benefits of yoga said that in such an era when there are mobile phones, television and many other facilities around us, it has become necessary for us to focus on yoga. In daily running, man is not able to take proper care of his health, if we all wake up in the morning and make a habit of doing yoga, then we will definitely get health benefits. On this occasion, Nishant Rathi Acting Director, Shri Ram College said that if human beings discipline their lifestyle and connect life with yoga by using balanced food in diet, then surely freedom from diseases like diabetes and obesity can be found. Is. Shruti Mittal conducted the program. On this occasion Acting Director of Shri Ram College Nishant Kumar Rathi, Director of Shri Ram College of Engineering Dr. Alok Grupata, Director of Shri Ram College of Pharmacy Dr. Girendra Gautam, Principal of Shri Ram Polytechnic Dr. Ashwani Kumar, Principal of Shri Ram Group Polytechnic Dr. RK Saini, Dean Management Pankaj Kumar, Dean HomeScience Dr. Shweta, Dean Agricultural Science Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dean Academics Dr. Omveer Choudhary, Dean Academics Sakshi Srivastava, Treasurer of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Devendra Chaudhary.

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