Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur

A Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur Mr. Sonu Prakash was organized at Shri Ram College auditorium on 05-05-2022.

The presenter, who himself was a source of inspiration to the students, gave encouraging examples from his life and motivated the students. He discussed the importance of positive thinking and attitude which brings optimism in life and such creative changes can make a person brighter and more successful. This session helped the students to be guided by positive thinking and self-motivation. The keynote speaker gave the necessary information to the students for interning in multinational companies like Google Microsoft, Amazon, Intel etc. and told that if work is done with right guidelines and strong will then one may get into these companies as easy as TCS, Wipro, and HCL.

In today's business era, where there is a flood of technical students on the one hand, on the other hand it has become a challenge to find skilled and deserving students. In such times, smart work is the key to success. The organization of this one-day workshop was highly appreciated by the Chairman of Shri Ram College, Dr. SC Kulshrestha and he encouraged all the teachers and students of Shri Ram College for such events.

During this workshop, various types of questions were also asked by the keynote speaker to the students and prizes were also distributed to the students who gave correct answers. The Dean of Computer Faculty, Dr. Nishant Kumar Rathi said that the Faculty is committed to organize such events in future also. In this workshop the Head of the Department Dr. Nishant Kumar Rathi and faculty member Mrs. Neetu Singh, Ms. Rishu Jain, Ms. Srila Parik, Mr. Praveen Kumar, Dr. Amit Tyagi, Dr. Pramod Kumar, Mr. Nitin Tyagi, Mr. Shrikant Singh, Mr. Vishwas Sharma, Mr. Special contribution was made by Anuj Kumar, Shri Yogendra Tyagi, Shri Gurmeet Saini, Ms. Anupama, Shri Hans Kumar, Shri Dinesh Yadav remained present.

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