World Environment Day 2024

World Environment Day 2024

Today, on the occasion of World Environment Day 2024, different departments organized programs on the occasion of 'World Environment Day-2024' at Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar. World Environment Day was celebrated in village Sahawali by planting and donating saplings jointly by the Department of Biosciences and National Service Scheme unit of Shri Ram College. In the same sequence, 'World Environment Day' or 'World Environment Day-2024' was organized for environmental conservation awareness at Shri Ram College of Engineering, a unit of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar, in which the students tried to create awareness through collage on this year's theme 'Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience'. This program started with positivity in the premises of Shri Ram College of Engineering, in which the students played their role.

The program held at Shri Ram College of Engineering was inaugurated by jointly lighting the lamp by Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Founder Chairman of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar, Dr. Poonam Sharma, President of Shri Ram College, Dr. S.N. Chauhan, Director of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College and Dean Dr. Suchitra Tyagi. The students presented their skills in front of everyone in the college premises, in which the collage made by the students was highly appreciated by all the teachers and guests. The role of chief judges in the competition was played by Dr. Poonam Sharma, President of Shri Ram College and Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College. On this occasion, Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Founder Chairman of Shri Ram Group of Colleges addressed the students and praised their talent. He also said that such programs should continue to be held in future. Thereafter, he honored the students by giving them certificates and symbols.

On this occasion, Vansh Kumar Garg and Tanu Pawar, CSE 2nd Year, Dipanshi Vats and Abhishek, MBA 1st Year, 2nd Year and Megha and Karthik, MBA 1st Year students got the first prize in the collage. Apart from this, consolation prizes were given to Pari and Raman, CSE 2nd Year, Saloni ECE 1st Year and Sarthak Saini, Electrical 1st Year. On this occasion, Dr. SN Chauhan, Director, Shriram Group of Colleges, while praising the students said that every person has some extra ability and such competitions are the medium to showcase these abilities.

Under the program, Dean Academics Dr. Suchitra Tyagi, program director Ms. Shruti Mittal, besides Engr. Ruchi Rai, Dr. Akanksha Chauhan, Ms. Anju Tyagi, Engr. Indu Chauhan, Engr. Nishu Bhardwaj, Engr. Arjun Kumar, Engr. Abhishek Kumar Jagarwal, etc. teachers were present. In the 'World Environment Day-2024' program held at Shriram College, Muzaffarnagar, about 70 students participated and went door to door in the village and donated saplings to the villagers and inspired them to keep the environment clean. Today's chief guest of the program, Chairman of Suryadev Academy Manoj Kumar, while addressing the students, said that every citizen should plant as many trees as possible in and around their home.

He said that the government's scheme of plantation is very commendable. Trees and plants are very important for a clean environment. Under this scheme, the forest department distributes plants to school children. The forest department organizes workshops in schools for environmental protection and motivates people to plant trees. From time to time, discussions are held for the protection of plants. While addressing the children, he said that every child should plant one tree this year and should also take responsibility for its protection.

After this, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College, who was present in the program, said that in ancient times, the rich people used to plant as many trees as possible and arrange for proper water for them, but today in the age of industrialization, the opposite is happening. Instead of protecting trees, they are cut. Due to which the amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other poisonous gases is increasing a lot in the atmosphere. Due to polluted environment, humans are suffering from many types of diseases. She told the qualities of trees and said that humans leave each other but trees do not leave humans. She appealed to the people to plant trees in as many places as possible. She said that trees are the basis of life. On this occasion, the entire staff also took an oath to plant trees and protect them along with the students.

After this, Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini, Head of the Department of Biosciences, present in the program, told the students that planting trees is necessary to protect the environment. Our culture cannot be imagined without trees. He also told that trees are the invaluable gift of our nature, the life of every living being depends on trees, trees are our life givers, their protection, promotion and planting of as many trees as possible is the main responsibility of all of us.

Vikas Kumar Tyagi, Ankit Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Darshika Sharma, Zehra Hussaini, Shalini Mishra, Mohammad Salman, Ashu Chaudhary, Shaba Rana, Disha Sharma and Subodh etc. played an important role in the successful conduct of the programme at Shri Ram College.

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