two-day international seminar

two-day international seminar

The closing ceremony of the two-day international seminar on the topic 'Contemporary Health Challenges in the Current Social and Ecological Perspective' was jointly organized by the Basic Science Department and the Home Science Department of Shri Ram College. The chief guest on the last day of this seminar was Professor HS Singh, Vice Chancellor of Maa Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur. The special guests were Dr. SC Kulshreshtha, Founder Chairman of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Dr. Poonam Sharma, President of Shri Ram College, Dr. Naresh Malik, Principal of Chaudhary Chhotu Ram PG College, Muzaffarnagar, Dr. Garima Jain, Principal of DAV College, Muzaffarnagar, Dr. Sudhir Pundir, Principal of SD College, Muzaffarnagar, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Director of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Dr. SN Chauhan, Director (Research) of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh, Dean Academics Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma, Dean of Shri Ram College of Engineering Dr. Suchitra Tyagi.

On this occasion, the program was started by lighting the lamp by the chief guest and all the special guests. After this, Dr. Pooja Tomar, Head of Basic Science Department and Dr. Shweta Rathi, Head of Home Science Department welcomed all the guests by giving them books.

As the keynote speakers of the program, Assistant Professor Dr. Varun Chaudhary of Chalmar University, Sweden and Senior Researcher Dr. Richa Chaudhary of Chalmar University, Sweden, Data Scientist Isha Shah of TikTok, California, USA, Extension Assistant and Plant Doctor Dr. Shishupal Bamotra of Jammu and Kashmir, Associate Professor Dr. Seema Rani of MLJN PG College, Saharanpur, Senior Physician Dr. Neelam Agarwal, Associate Professor Dr. Shuchi Mittal of SD College, Muzaffarnagar, Chief Social Worker Sonia Luthra and Senior Physician Dr. Mitali Agarwal were present.

On this occasion, the Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor of Maa Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur, Professor HS Singh, encouraged the students and highlighted the ecological and social factors that affect our immunity. He said that the kind of food we eat affects our health. After this, the main speaker of the program, Dr. Varun Chaudhary of Sweden, told about the research and efforts done at the scientific level to solve health challenges. He highlighted the usefulness of magnetic nanomaterial.

After this, Dr. Richa Chaudhary, a senior researcher at Chalmers University, Sweden, in her speech, told about some functional diets used to prevent chronic diseases and keep the body healthy. After this, Dr. Shishupal Bamotra, a senior doctor from Jammu and Kashmir, told about the solution of today's health challenges.

On this occasion, the main social worker Dr. Sonia Luthra told in her speech that it is necessary to remain stress free to remain physically healthy. In today's environment, the most important thing is to remain stress free. Apart from this, she also presented her views about some important measures of stress management.

After this, prizes were distributed to the winners of the poster exhibition and oral speech organized on the first day. In poster display, Simran got first place, BSc (Biotechnology) got second and BSc (Home Science) got third place, Firdous Zaidi and Almisba got third place. In oral speech, MBA's Sara Mehak and Anagha Kulshreshtha got first and second place.

On this occasion, Dr. Naresh Malik, Principal of Chaudhary Chhotu Ram PG College, Muzaffarnagar, in his address, encouraged all the participants by describing the negative effects of the present-day social, scientific and ecological activities and the measures to prevent them.

On this occasion, while thanking the chief guest of the seminar, Vice Chancellor of Maa Shakumbhari University Saharanpur, Professor HS Singh, the President of the college, Dr. Poonam Sharma and Principal of Shri Ram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal honored him by presenting the college's logo and shawl.

Giving information on this occasion, Dr. Pooja Tomar, Head of the Department of Basic Science, said that in this seminar, about 200 students registered themselves and expressed their views on many topics in the form of their presentation. After this, prizes were also distributed by the chief guest for the presentation of the selected students.

At the end of the program, certificates were given to all the participants.

At the end, the Principal of Shri Ram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal thanked all the chief guests, the students present and all the members of the organizing committee. The program was conducted by the faculty of Shri Ram College, Shruti Mittal.

To make the seminar successful, the Chairperson of Basic Science Department, Dr. Pooja Tomar and Dean of Home Science Department, Dr. Shweta Rathi, along with the spokespersons of both the departments, Dr. Manoj Mittal, Rishabh Bhardwaj, Dr. Ritu Pundir, Meenal Mann, Vivek, Rajdeep Sehrawat, Anjali Saini Anjali Chaudhary, Vinay Kumar Sachin Sharma, Ruby Poshwal, Kajal Mavi, Sophia Ansari, Isha Arora, Alina Siddiqui, Ayesha Gaur etc. were present.

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