Challenges of Cyber ​​Security - Legal Perspective

Challenges of Cyber ​​Security - Legal Perspective

A legal workshop was organized in the premises of Shri Ram College of Law, under the joint aegis of District Legal Services Authority and Shri Ram College. The topic of which was "Challenges of Cyber ​​Security - Legal Perspective". Ritesh Sachideva ADJ, Secretary District Legal Services Authority was present as the chief guest in this workshop. Devendra Singh Faujdar, ACJM, Muzaffarnagar, Sunita Singh (High Court Bench Lucknow) were present as special guests in the program.

This program was presided over by Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh Director. On this occasion, the guests were welcomed by lighting the lamp and presenting a bouquet of flowers.

On this occasion, while starting the program, the spokesperson of the college, Anchal Agarwal said that cyber security is a burning issue today. Most of the work of life is being done through the Internet. But due to lack of accurate information, people are becoming victims of cyber crime. For this reason, this legal literacy camp has been organized today on this subject. So that everyone can be made aware about the new trends and difficulties of cyber security.

After this, law students expressed their views on the related topic. First of all, Aayan Tyagi said what is cyber security. Every internet user should know about it so that cyber fraud can be avoided. Student Vanshvardhan said that nowadays people use mobile and internet in all institutions. It is necessary to protect them from cyber attack so that our data can remain safe. In the program, spokesperson Akanksha Tyagi said that knowledge of cyber security is necessary to do daily tasks properly. Due to cyber security, we can do online banking shopping and other tasks safely.

The chief guest of the program, Ritisha Sachideva ADJ, said that cyber frauds are increasing at present. Nowadays hackers have become very advanced who hack the system in a short time. In such a situation, we need cyber security to protect us from hackers. In this matter, everyone can solve the problem only by working together with caution. So that our important data can be kept safe. After this, Dr. Devendra Singh Faujdar, ACJM, said that the purpose of cyber security is to reduce the risk of cyber attacks and to reduce unauthorized exploitation of network and technology.

On this occasion, the Director of the college, Dr. Ravindra Pratap Singh said that it has become necessary for everyone to have knowledge about cyber crime. Cyber ​​security is of three types. In which application security, network security and cloud security are important. If we have to move forward in life, then it is very important for us to know and adopt new technology. At the end of the program, Principal Dr. Poonam Sharma expressed her gratitude to all the guests by presenting them with mementos.

The program was conducted by the college spokesperson Anchal Agarwal.

All the teachers and students of Shri Ram College of Law cooperated in this program. Sanjeev Tomar, Sonia Gaur, Rammanu Pratap Singh, Akanksha, Heena Gupta, Vinay Tiwari, Preeti and Trilok etc. were present in the program.

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