Guest lecture held in Basic Science Department

Guest lecture held in Basic Science Department

A guest lecture has been organized by the Department of Basic Science, Shri Ram College, Muzaffarnagar. Whose title was – “Career Opportunities for Biologists”.   Its main speaker was Dr. Piyush Sharma. Dr. Piyush Sharma is the Coordinator of Skill Development Unit, Muzaffarnagar and currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Zoology in SD (PG) College, Muzaffarnagar.

On this occasion, Dr. Pooja Tomar, Head of the Department of Basic Science, introduced Dr. Piyush Sharma to the students and welcomed him by giving him books. On this occasion, Dr. Piyush Sharma, while telling the students about career in the field of Biology, said that there are many avenues of research and business in the field of Biology. Biology has now entered the field of medicine as well as agriculture and business. Due to this, the scope of biology is expanding and employment opportunities are also increasing.

Dr. Piyush Sharma told about various examinations given for higher education and research projects in the field of Biology and also gave information about the routes of admission in some specific institutions.

While making the students aware of the present situation, he said that if we want to achieve our goal then we will have to work hard, because in today's life there is a lot of struggle and competition. Everyone is competing to get ahead of others. In these difficult circumstances, it has become extremely difficult to find suitable business. He inspired the students by telling interesting things about his achievements.

In the end, Dr. Piyush Sharma answered the career related questions of the students and Dr. Pooja Tomar, Head of the Department of Basic Science, honored Dr. Piyush Sharma with a memento.

This program was successfully conducted by Rajdeep Sehrawat, Assistant Spokesperson of Basic Science Department. Dr. Rahul Arya, Assistant Lecturer Basic Science thanked all the guests and students for making the program a success.

Head of Department of Bioscience, Dr. Vipin Kumar Saini, Dr. Ritu Pundir, Dr. Manoj Mittal, Dr. Rishabh Bhardwaj, Vivek, Meenal Mann, Rama, Sachin Sharma etc. helped in making the guest lecture successful.

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