04 day workshop concluded in Fine Arts Department

04 day workshop concluded in Fine Arts Department

Shri Ram Group of Colleges has been organizing many workshops from time to time every year with the aim of making the students aware of the latest technologies and enhancing their knowledge as per the current scenario. Taking this sequence forward, a four-day workshop in the Department of Fine Arts was concluded in the college campus. Whose topic was fashion communication and campaigning. Yash Gautam was the main speaker of this workshop. Who completed her studies in Fashion Communication from NIFT. After which they are working independently in different fields.

The fourth day of the workshop was started by the Director of Fine Arts Department, Dr. Manoj Dhiman and all the lecturers by jointly welcoming the keynote speaker Yash Gautam.

In the first and second day of the workshop, the keynote speaker Yash Gautam, while telling the students about fashion communication, said that fashion communication is a domain which is related to the communication of fashion and lifestyle. This can take various forms such as communication design, branding for fashion level, public relations, fashion journalism, advertising, styling or visual merchandising and art direction. Fashion is not just about designing and manufacturing clothes and accessories but supporting an ecosystem of other supporting areas of work. Which makes the practice of fashion design successful. Fashion communication is an area that is relatively new in India and just finding its feet. Fashion communication in India supports the functioning of fashion and lifestyle businesses. Fashion communication includes photography, styling, graphic design and art direction. Fashion journalism includes exploring new media platforms as well as digital and print publishing. Because the world is seeing the emergence of new fashion brands and businesses every day, this is what fashion communication is all about. Similarly, while giving detailed information to the students about the emerging field to make a career in fashion communication, he said that a fashion communication expert has to do many tasks. He creates a great image for his client or company. He also delivers his client's product to the target customer in the best possible way. Not only this, he also keeps an eye on promotional methods to increase brand awareness. He told the students that whenever it comes to fashion industry, people want to become fashion designers or models. But this is an industry which has changed in the last many years and that is why it has given rise to new career possibilities in this field. One such career in the fashion industry is 'Fashion Communication'. This is a rapidly emerging area and now the attraction of youth has started increasing towards it. He told the students what should be the skills for this field? Throwing light on this, he said that your marketing strategy in this field should be good and you should also have excellent communication and networking skills. Without this, you may have to struggle hard in your field and work continuously for many hours. Therefore, you should have patience and the ability to work hard. Apart from this, you should have good command over different languages both orally and in written form. If students have these skills then they can easily earn Rs 2 to 3 lakh annually in this field.

On the third and fourth days of the workshop, keynote speaker Yash Gautam gave detailed information about the advertising plan. He said that a successful promotional program must be based on a clear advertising plan. Unless our objective is clear, preaching will not prove beneficial and only when the objective is clear we will be able to adopt the best path. In its absence, we will not be able to take full advantage of the amount spent by using inappropriate promotional media at the wrong time.

He presented the campaign to the students in very simple language. He said that the word campaign is actually derived from war in the military system, which is a planned strategy or operation to achieve the goal. In advertising too, a campaign is an effort to achieve set goals. Just as during a war, a commander makes a strategy to win the war, in which all three parts of the army are included, similarly, advertising strategy is also called a war of sales. To win the same, efforts are made to achieve the goal by broadcasting advertisements through all possible mediums. Thus, an advertising plan is an effort made as an organized unit to achieve a goal. He also told the students that what is the market situation for advertising scheme? Without answers to these questions, advertising planning is not possible: who and where are the potential consumers of the product, what should be the goal for the success of the advertising plan, what should be the medium policy.

In this sequence, while explaining the importance of advertising plan, he said that at the time of broadcasting the advertising plan, it is also seen what results the producer is getting in return for the capital spent on the advertising plan. If good results are obtained then it is considered a success of the advertising plan. After that he did graphics designing, merchandising with emphasis on fashion design and applied.

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