Mess inaugurated in hostel

Mess inaugurated in hostel

A state-of-the-art mess was inaugurated in the hostel of Shriram College, the main objective of which was to provide good and nutritious food to the students in a very short time. With the inauguration of the state-of-the-art mess, the students should also be very happy, because this mess will provide nutritious food to the students along with saving time and necessary facilities.

Safe Hospitality Services, the company running this mess, is a renowned company. Whose directors are Vikas Rana and Nitesh Rawat. This company is providing its services in other states of the country as well as in big institutions like IIT Kanpur. Since there are five hostels and twelve hundred students in Shri Ram College, this decision has been taken by the college administration in the interest of the students. In this modern mess, three thousand rotis are prepared in one hour. Which is nutritious and full of quality. In this state-of-the-art mess, arrangements have also been made for automatic flour making machine, arrangement for stand vans, SS casseroles etc.

On this occasion, Dr. SC Kulshrestha, Founder Chairman of Shriram Group of Colleges, said that I am the guardian of the children living in the hostel and I have special affection for these children. These children are coming here from other states and getting education while staying away from their families. Being the local guardian of these children, it is my responsibility to ensure that these children are well fed and provided with a home like environment, so that all the students can serve the country and society by getting a good education along with a healthy mind. He said that Shriram College has always been making best efforts for personality building of the students and for their skill and physical development as well as for providing employment to them. He said that in the hostel of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, providing complete nutritious food with clean and hygienic arrangements to the children coming from different states of India and establishing a mess equipped with modern resources. Is the purpose of.

On this occasion, Kapil Dhiman, External Admission Coordinator, SRGC said that research on modernization of the mess was being done for 6 months. The objective of which is to provide quality nutritious food to the children. Because if the body is healthy then the brain will also develop rapidly. He told that other machines have also been installed in this modern mess, so that the hit formed inside the mess can be taken out. Besides, an automatic flour making machine has also been installed inside the mess. Along with the same arrangement for Stand When Very, Castrol of SS has also been arranged. The mess staff works in proper uniform and also takes special care of cleanliness. Our objective is to provide nutritious and quality food to the children living in the hostel so that their physical and mental development can be enhanced.

On this occasion, Shri Ram College President Dr. Poonam Sharma, Shri Ram College Principal Dr. Prerna Mittal, External Admission Coordinator, Kapil Dhiman etc. were present.

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