Workshop organized on digital market topic

Workshop organized on digital market topic

A workshop on the topic “Digital Market” was organized in the Fine Arts Department of Shri Ram College. Dr. Sangharsh Sharma was the main speaker in the workshop. At present Dr. Sangharsh Sharma is on the post of Director IFA, Modinagar and Spokesperson College of Art, New Delhi. First of all, Director of Fine Arts Department, Dr. Manoj Dhiman inspected the department along with keynote speaker Dr. Sangharsh Sharma.

On this occasion, the keynote speaker Dr. Sagharsh Sharma told the students about the importance of applied art by narrating valuable experiences of his life and awakened the willpower of the students towards applied art and told them about increasing creativity and its usefulness in the future. He told that applied art affects every moment of our entire life and humans cannot get out of it. He explained the importance of colors in advertising of practical art, how the company selected colors and gave detailed information about the software used in the present company and company agencies like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator, In-Design etc. Giving importance to the digital market, he also talked about photography and campaigning. In this way, he also discussed with the students about the advertisements running at present and also gave detailed information to the students about logo design and various websites.

In the end, Dr. Sangharsh, while presenting his views about Applied Art before the students, said that when your favorite hobby becomes your career, then you give your hundred percent to that work and then no one can stop you from being successful. Art is one such passion! Which starts with hobby and ends with career. In this career, there is money as well as fame. There are countless job opportunities in it. Good money can also be earned by doing freelancing work sitting at home. If you have skill then you can touch the heights of fame by earning both name and money through art.

At the end of the workshop, the students also asked questions to Dr. Sangharsh to solve their problems and he successfully answered them. Thereafter, Director of Fine Arts Department, Dr. Manoj Dhiman presented a memento to Dr. Sangharsh Sharma on behalf of Shri Ram College and expressed his gratitude and said that he should continue to guide the students of Fine Arts Department of Shri Ram College.
Director of Fine Arts Department Dr. Manoj Dhiman, Head of Department Meenakshi Kakran, spokesperson Rajnikanth, Binnu Pandir Anu, Reena Tyagi, Mayank Saini, Ajit Kumar, Sharmistha and Shiv Shankar Sahu had special contribution in organizing the workshop.

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