Gold medals to 8 students of Shri Ram College

Gold medals to 8 students of Shri Ram College

In the first convocation ceremony of Maa Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur, 8 students of Shri Ram College, Muzaffarnagar were awarded gold medals for scoring the highest marks. On this occasion, these students were honored with gold medals by the Chancellor and His Excellency the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Smt. Anandi Ben Patel, and the Honorable Vice Chancellor Prof. HS Singh. Apart from this, according to the list released by the university, 60 other students of different faculties of Shri Ram College brought pride to the institute and the district by getting places in the list.

In the merit list released by the university, Anmol Tyagi (92.35 percent), student of MFA Drawing and Painting course of Fine Arts Department of Shri Ram College, Vaishali Baliyan (91.38 percent), student of M.P.Ed course of Physical Education Department, MFA Applied Arts course of Fine Arts Department, Shreya Aggarwal, student of M.F.A. Fashion Designing course (91.10 percent), Md. Khalid, student of M.F.A. Fashion Designing course (89.95 percent), Sneha Sharma, student of M.A.J.M.C., Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (85.25 percent), Ms. Kajal, student of M.Sc. Home Science (Home Management) course ( Shivani Sharma (77 percent), a student of M.Ed., Department of Education, and Aniket Pandey, a student of MFA Textile Design, Department of Fine Arts (74.55 percent), secured the highest marks in the first convocation ceremony held at Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur. Received gold medal.

The students who secured the first position in the merit list released by the university attributed their success to the educational resources and skilled teachers and educational facilities available in the college as well as the books of high quality authors available in the library. Sneha Sharma, the university topper of M.A.J.M.C. On this occasion, he said that this success has been possible only due to the study of books of many scholars related to the subject in the college library and the guidance of the teachers of the department.

University topper Shreya Agarwal of MFA Applied Arts attributed her success to the blessings of her parents and the guidance given by the department spokespersons. He said that while the parents always encouraged him, Shriram College also showed the way to turn dreams into reality. Anmol Tyagi, a university topper student of MFA Drawing and Painting course, described the experimental work conducted by the departments as the key to success.

Ms. Khalid, the university topper of MFA Fashion Designing course, attributed her success to the educational environment provided by the college and the efforts of the teachers. Ms. Kajal, the university topper of M.Sc. Home Science (Home Management) said that she has been fond of studies since childhood. And wants to make her career in the field of education in the future. Vaishali Baliyan, the university topper student of MPEd course, said that she attributed her success to hard work, discipline, dedication towards studies and the books and course material available in the college library.

Apart from the toppers, 60 students made their place in the merit list released by Maa Shakumbhari University. In which 03 students of MJMC, 09 students of MFA Drawing and Painting, 09 students of MFA Applied Arts, 09 MFA Fashion Designing and 01 student of MFA Textile, 03 students of MSc Home Science (Textile and Clothing), 02 students of MSc (Biotechnology) students, 02 students of MSc (Microbiology), 02 students of MSc (Home Science Food and Nutrition), 06 students of M.Ed, 08 students of MPEd and 02 students of B.P.Ed. All these students have secured place in the top 10 list released by the university. Received.

On this occasion, Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Chairman of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, congratulated the students who received gold medals in the first convocation ceremony of Ma Shakumbhari University, Saharanpur and the students who registered their names in the ongoing list of different faculties on their success. Said that making a place in the University Merit and receiving an award from the Vice Chancellor and Chancellor, His Excellency the Governor is a golden moment for every student. He said that for the past several years, the daughters of our college have been bringing glory to the college and the district by performing brilliantly at the university level. He said that along with achieving success, it is also important how to maintain success. He said that it is a proud moment for us that every year the students of our college are setting new records in the field of education. Guru's guidance has always been important in the success of the student. Therefore, the teachers of all the students who achieved success also deserve congratulations for achieving this achievement. He expressed hope that this sequence of success will continue in the future.

On this occasion, Principal of Shri Ram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal and Director of Shri Ram College, Dr. Ashok Kumar expressed happiness over the success of the students and congratulated all the faculty members. He said that along with academic knowledge, practical knowledge is also provided to the students in the college, which is proving to be meaningful for their future. On this occasion, heads of departments of all the faculties, Dr. Manoj Dhiman, Dr. Shweta Rathi, Dr. Ravi Gautam. , Dr. Pramod Kumar, etc. congratulated the students on their success.

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