Photography (stop motion) workshop organized

Photography (stop motion) workshop organized

An eight-day photography (stop motion) workshop was organized in the Fine Arts Department of Shri Ram College. The program was inaugurated by jointly lighting the lamp by Dr. Manoj Dhiman, Director of Fine Arts Department, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shri Ram College, Meenakshi Kakran, Head of Fine Arts Department. The main speaker of the program was Dr. Manoj Dhiman, Director of the Department of Fine Arts. The objective of this workshop is to make the students of Fine Arts Department aware of technical knowledge like photography (stop motion).

On this occasion, Dr. Manoj Dhiman told that the revolution of photography has had a deep impact on our lives. Photography is the basis of every person's life today. Due to which a person captures his favorite thing and keeps it as his memory. We capture those moments through photography. Which can be seen again when needed, as a result of which our mind becomes full of enthusiasm. Photography is currently playing an important role in all our lives. If we go back a few years, photography was beyond the reach of the common man. Because photography was a challenging task due to lack of technology. At present, passion for photography can be easily seen in every class and age. Keeping this in mind, the mobile industry of our country has started a revolution in mobile photography. Due to which all sections of the society are fulfilling their hobby of photography. Generally photography is used for various purposes like nature photography, wedding photography, product photography etc. The rules of these different types of photography are also different. To get information about all these rules, Fine Arts is organizing an eight-day stop motiongraphy workshop.

In which the spokesperson Shiv Shankar Sahu, who came from Orissa state, is a Masters in Applied Arts. Purposeful environment, lights etc. have an important contribution in understanding the technique of photography in detail. To complete this contribution, an imaginary 3-D model of street, restaurant, mall is being prepared in which all the students of Applied Arts are preparing this model together. Which are being prepared to provide real experience. Due to which it will appear that we are in a real mall, street etc. In making this, a motion video of about 5 minutes will be prepared from about 3600 photo clicks. Realistic video will be created through Premium Pro Adobe software. This video will be made using photography (stop motion) according to the script written by various students. The aim of which will be only for the students to make their mark in the digital market.

To make the workshop successful, Dr. Manoj Dhiman and spokespersons like Rajnikanth, Binu Pundir, Anu, Reena Tyagi, Meenakshi Kakran, Mayank Saini, Ajit Kumar and Sharmistha etc. were present.

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