Ram is everyone's

Ram is everyone's

Today, in the premises of Shri Ram College, a street play on the theme "Sabke Hai Ram" was presented by the students of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication to create awareness about the personality and ideals of Lord Ram and his role for all sections, religions and castes of the society. to be done. Through the drama, the students of BAJMC first and second years beautifully described the character and ideals of Shri Ram and gave detailed information to the students of the institute about his ideals and values through street drama. Went. In which Maryada Purushottam Ram's ideal life character was depicted in a very vivid manner and his ideals were explained in which Shri Ram is the identity of Indian identity and he is beyond any religion, sect, time and era. It is not appropriate to bind them to any particular ideology or limit them by considering them as special heritage. He definitely took incarnation in Tretayuga, but his life values still serve as an inspiration for the society. Through the drama, the children showed how Shri Ram remained strong against the poor like Sabari, the helpless like Ahilya, the victims like Sugriva and Vibhishan. The children's play was so impressive that all the audience present there praised the efforts of the children and made the conversation devotional by chanting Shri Ram Ka Jai Kara.

On this occasion, Mehndi competition was also organized in which students from various institutes of Shri Ram Group of Colleges participated enthusiastically. Neetu Singh and Dr. Suchitra Tyagi acted as judges in the Mehndi competition. In Mehndi competition, first place was won by Sumit Tyagi, BFA, second place was won by Alisa, BFA first year and third place was won by Sonam, BFA, first year and Sama, MBA, first year. The work of coordinator of the Mehndi competition was done by Tina Aggarwal, Assistant Teacher, Education Department.

On this occasion, a cleanliness campaign was organized in the college under the leadership of Principal Dr. Ashwani Kumar of Shriram Polytechnic, Muzaffarnagar. In this context, under the joint aegis of Education Department and National Service Scheme Unit, a cleanliness program was organized in the form of Ram Utsav on the auspicious occasion of the consecration of Ram Temple. In which about 150 students and volunteers participated and cleaned the college premises and disposed of the garbage.

On this occasion, Principal of Shriram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal said that cleanliness is such an important campaign which is beneficial for oneself, society, and environment. Importance of cleanliness and means of staying healthy: By adopting cleanliness we can protect ourselves from diseases and remain healthy. It prevents the spread of diseases and preserves good health. Along with this, he praised the street drama of the students and said that Maryada Purushottam Ram has an impact by breaking the barriers of language, sect, race and country and we all should try to follow his ideals.

On this occasion, Director of Shri Ram College, Dr. Ashok Kumar said that as you know, cleanliness is a very good habit, which we should adopt in our life. Through this, we can develop our physical, mental and intellectual development and remain happy internally because through cleanliness all things look very good and effective.

On this occasion, Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Ravi Gautam, praised the street play performed on the occasion of the consecration of Lord Shri Ram and said that the students have staged this street play with great hard work and dedication. Through which the students depicted the life and ideals of Shri Ram very vividly.

In making the program successful, Principal of Shri Ram College Dr. Prerna Mittal, Director of Shri Ram College Dr. Ashok Kumar, Principal of Shri Ram Polytechnic Dr. Ashwani, Dean Shri Ram College of Engineering, Dr. Suchitra Tyagi, Dean Academics of Shri Ram College Dr. Vinit Kumar Sharma, Journalism and Ravi Gautam, Head of Department of Mass Communication and Ankit Kumar, NSS officer contributed.

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