One Day Nutritious and Delicious Cafeteria

One Day Nutritious and Delicious Cafeteria

A one-day program named 'Nutrition and Delicious Cafeteria' was organized by the Home Science Department of Shri Ram College. In which the students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Food Nutrition) demonstrated the food culture of India by preparing delicious dishes from different provinces and states of the country. In this cafeteria, the food culture of different states of the country was demonstrated in a brilliant manner. Went.

The program was inaugurated with chief guest Dr. Poonam Sharma, President of Shri Ram College, special guest Rotary Club Vishal Pawan Goyal CA, Rashi Chaudhary, Manoj Garg, Sharad Jain, Sanjay Karnawal and Vipin Kushal along with Dr. Ashok Kumar, Director of Shri Ram College, Shri Ram College. Principal of Dr. Prerna Mittal, and Dean of Home Science Department, Dr. Shweta Rathi etc. were present.

In the cafeteria, the students prepared dishes from different states like Maharashtra's Pav Bhaji, South Indian Idli Sambhar with Coconut Chutney, Fried Idli, Gujarat's Dhokla, Punjab's Chole-Kulche and Gajar Ka Halwa, Burger, Veg Sandwich, Gol Gappa, Hakka Noodles. Delicious dishes like coffee, curry rice, tomato soup, pakodas, bread rolls, and sweet potato chaat were prepared. Whose taste captivated everyone's heart. Among the students who prepared delicious dishes were Jyoti, Sneha, Mahima, Akshi, Hina, Ranjani, Tanu, Manisha, Sofia, Ayushi, Ayesha, Iqra, Uzma, Ritu, Anupriya, Insha, Akinta, Khushboo, Praveen, Shagufta, Ramsha Noor, etc. Was involved.

On this occasion, President of Shri Ram College, Dr. Poonam Sharma and Principal of Shri Ram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal appreciated the various dishes prepared by the students and wished them for their bright future and said that the crowd gathered in the cafeteria to get an idea of the delicious dishes prepared by the students. Can be applied just by looking at it. He also said that the students presented the food culture of different regions of the country as per their taste and also took care of the food culture while serving it, which is praiseworthy.

In the program, Dean of Home Science Department, Dr. Shweta Rathi praised the work of all the students and said that the students of the department prepared delicious dishes which were thoroughly enjoyed by all the guests in the cafeteria. He said that the department organizes various experimental programs every year so that the students develop their understanding of the country's food culture and culinary arts. Also, by acquiring complete knowledge of presentation and management process, students can make their business and personal life successful. He said that in the modern era, practical and professional opportunities are available in the field of Home Science course. Which is very helpful in making the girl students studying in this course strong and self-reliant.

In this cafeteria, Payal, Anshika, Farheen, Mansi, Alisha, Mantasha, Vashu, Apoorva, Jasmine, Nandani, Rita, Nikita, Varsha, Vanshika, Ruby, Neha, Muskaan, Ramsha Rani, Maghu, Sakshi, Swati Malik etc. serve food. Joined the group and participated actively in this cafeteria.

Dean of Home Science Department, Dr. Shweta Rathi, Ruby Poswal, Isha Arora, Alina Siddiqui, Sofia Ansari, Kajal Mavi, Ayesha Gaur, etc. had important contribution in organizing the cafeteria.

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