Placement Drive

Placement Drive

In Shri Ram College of Engineering, a unit of Shri Ram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar, the reputed pan India company TeamLease Foundation invited the students of Polytechnic Faculty for selection for Dixon Technology Pvt. Ltd. and Sona BLW. This company is listed in BCE and NSE.

Company representatives Yashveer Singh (Manager) and Manoj Kumar (Manager) were welcomed by the institute's Director, Dean Academics Dr. Suchitra Tyagi and Chief Training and Placement Coordinator Ashish Chauhan by presenting them a bouquet.

After this, company representative Yashveer Singh gave information about the company to all the students through power point presentation and said that the main work of the companies is to provide manufacturing and design centric solutions in automotive electronic manufacturing services such as home appliances, mobiles, lighting systems, security devices. As part of the placement process, the company representative conducted a technical interview to check the ability of the students. 124 students of Shri Ram Group of Colleges participated in this selection process. After the interview, 62 students were finally selected. Among the selected students, Mr. Adil, Aryan Tyagi, Aman Saini etc. of Mechanical Engineering Department were given offer letters by the company and the students were invited to the company office in Noida for joining.

On this occasion, Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Chairman, Shriram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar, congratulated all the selected students and boosted the morale of the unselected students by assuring them that the college is making continuous efforts for training and placements and they will get more options in the future. Will stay. He said that students should be self-centered and remain familiar with all the activities of their faculty and new technology. He said that the field of electronics and manufacturing is very employable and this industry has developed many means of employment, therefore students should take advantage of the opportunities by participating in every activity organized by the college.

The Director of the institution and the Principal of the Polytechnic expressed gratitude to the representatives of the companies and urged them to strengthen the training and placement processes by being associated with Shriram Group of Colleges in future and congratulated all the selected students.

The placement drive was efficiently conducted by Veni Bhardwaj. The program was organized under the direction of Chief Placement Officer Mr. Ashish Chauhan. All the spokespersons like Mr. Amit Kumar, Mr. Nitin etc. had special contribution in making the program successful.

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