Two Day Nutritional Program

Two day nutritional program 'Eat Healthy Stay Mast'

On the occasion of a two-day nutritional program, various activities were organized in the Home Science Department of Shri Ram College to show the importance of a nutrient-rich diet. Whose theme was 'Eat Healthy, Stay Cool'. In which the first day included Quiz Competition, Poster Making, Article Writing and the second day included Salad Making, Healthy Snacks Preparation, Healthy Breakfast.

In this program, the students of Home Science Department participated enthusiastically and to encourage the students, they were awarded in first, second, third category. The program was conducted by Home Science Department spokesperson Sofia Ansari. To evaluate the work done by the students, a judge committee was formed which included Dean of Home Science Department Dr. Shweta Rathi, lecturer Ruby Poswal, Isha Arora, and Sofia Ansari.

In which the winners of the first day were Firdaus (B.Sc. 3rd year), 1st place in Poster Making, 2nd place Richa (B.Sc. 2nd year) and 3rd place Kritika Agarwal (B.Sc. 2nd year) and in Quiz Competition, Kritika Agarwal (B.Sc. 2nd year) stood first. Mehreen Fatima (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition, 2nd year) stood second, and Himani (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition, 2nd year), Huda (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition, 2nd year), Zainab (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition, 1st year), Akshi ( M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year), Richa (B.Sc. second year) and Insha (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year). In article writing, first place was secured by Uzma (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year), second place was secured by Sumaila Praveen (B.Sc. third year), and third place was secured by Zainab (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year) and Richa (B.Sc. second year). Did.

On this occasion, the winners of the second day were Afreen (B.Sc. 3rd year) and Preeti (B.Sc. 3rd year) got the first place in salad making. First place in healthy snacks preparation Zainab (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year), second place Afreen (B.Sc. third year), and first place in healthy breakfast Praveen (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year), second place Uzma (M.Sc. Food and Nutrition first year). ), received.

Addressing the program on this occasion, Dr. Shweta Rathi said that the students did very commendable work through various activities. Vegetables and fruits rich in high nutrients were used in salad making. Also gave artistic performance. During the two-day nutrition program, the students also introduced their writing idols and told how the body and mind can be kept healthy and fit through food. To start the day well and have energy throughout the day, the students prepared various healthy breakfast recipes which were full of nutrients.

Dean Dr. Shweta Rathi, lecturers Ruby Poswal, Isha Arora, Alina Siddiqui, and Sofia Ansari, Kajal Mavi, Payal Pundir, and Ayesha Gaur contributed in making this program successful.

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