Guest Lecture on the Role of Media in Democracy

Guest Lecture on the Role of Media in Democracy

The guest lecture organized on the role of media in democracy was organized in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. The event was inaugurated by Dr. BS Nigam, Dr. Ravi Gautam, HOD Department of JMC , Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College, by lighting the lamp.

On this occasion the keynote speaker Dr. BS Nigam while addressing the students of journalism said that the beauty of strong democracy of any country is when journalism is free there. He said that journalism plays an important role in making any country democratically empowered.

He said that it is the important responsibility of journalists to analyze the works of power without any ideological opposition. If we start serving political agenda to the people, then there will be less spread of information among the people and more sense of ignorance and malice will develop which is against the values of journalism.

Therefore, while motivating all the students studying journalism, he said that this field is a field of great potential. In this name fame is all possible the need is only to develop your skills and knowledge. To move ahead in this field, it is necessary that you should be prudent and practical. Without getting affected by the glare of this field, tireless hard work will prove to be helpful in getting you success.

Dr. Ravi Gautam, Head of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Shri Ram College, said that a very prominent personality of the field of journalism Dr B S Nigam has devoted his invaluable time to guide our students out of his busy schedule. While thanking Dr. Nigam, he said that the lecture given by Dr. Nigam on journalism will definitely prove to be very effective. Students will follow the values and ethics of journalism told by him, in their professional life.

On this occasion faculty members Vaishali Garg, Shivani Barman, Kahkashan Mirza, Preetika Sharma, Mayank Verma etc. were present.

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