World Pharmacy Day

World Pharmacy Day

World Pharmacist Day was organized at Shri Ram College of Pharmacy. It was inaugurated by the chief guest, Chief Pharmacist Pramod Kumar and Dr. Girendra Kumar Gautam, Director of Shri Ram College of Pharmacy, by jointly lighting the lamp.

On this occasion, Dr. Girendra Kumar Gautam, Director of Shri Ram College of Pharmacy, honored the Chief Guest Chief Pharmacist Pramod Kumar by giving him books and mementos. Addressing this program, Dr. Girendra Kumar Gautam, Director of Shri Ram College of Pharmacy said that in the present times, The magnitude of the need and increasing demand for medicines in the U.S. has been well met by the supply chain of the Indian pharma sector and by community pharmacists and hospital pharmacists across the country. Apart from this, foreign demands have been met well on time. This exemplifies Pharmacists' sense of commitment towards availability and affordability of quality medicines at all times. Apart from supply and access of medicines another important front which is demanding more for improving the therapeutic efficacy of every prescription is counseling and making the patients fully aware about their medicines as well as educating them on the usage of medicines. To inspire religiously to follow the instructions and precautions in consumption. He told how pharmacists played an important role for world health during the Corona epidemic. Similarly, in the times to come, pharmacists will always remain united in performing their duties. Also told that a pharmacist is also considered a medicine expert. New medicines are discovered and research is done by them. The work of ensuring whether a medicine is safe and effective or not is also on their shoulders.

This program was divided into different phases in which a lecture ceremony was organized in the first phase and Rangoli competition was organized in the second phase. In which students participated enthusiastically and presented their views about World Pharmacist Day.

On this occasion, in the lecture competition, Divya, a student of the Pharmacy Department, stood first, Mariam stood second and Aditya Singhal stood third. In the same debate competition, first place was won by Akash Insha and Umar, second place was won by Shivam and Sonia and third place was won by Khushboo and Sudhanshu. In the model competition, Saima and Sagar stood first, Aditya Kumar Singhal stood second and Anurag Sharma stood third. Along with this, Rangoli competition was also organized, in which Vishant Manish, Anmol, Shivam and Suhail won the first place and Aditya, Kadambari, Pragya, Labanur stood second and Vishal, Nazia, Nida, Saqib, Ubaidur stood third. Stay Rahman.

On this occasion, in the dance competition, Shrutika stood first, Neha stood second and Mohammad Saqib stood third. In the poster competition, Aayan and Abdullah Abasi got first place, Nazia Nida and Vishul got second place and Sweety got third place. Khushi got first place in singing competition, Akshay Sharma in poetry competition and Anurag Sharma and Sweety got first place in anchor competition.

Avnika Tyagi successfully conducted the program. The teachers of the pharmacy department had the main contribution in making the program successful, including Sonu, Rabia, Tinku Kumar, Musayyab Khan, Ishu Kaushik, Shalu Chauhan, Sandeep Kumar, Aryavart, Bhudev Kumar, Sumant Kumar, Sagar Kumar, Rohini Gupta, Kranti Sahu. Teachers like, Tarannum, Fatima, Manoj Gupta, Rohit Malik, Salman, Kamaljeet, Gaurav, Payal, Vikas Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Arshad, Priyanka Sharma, Ram Singh etc. were present.

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