Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-Innovate Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-Innovate Intelligence

A three-day national workshop was organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Shriram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar on the topic ‘Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence-Innovate Intelligence’ from 21st February to 23rd February 2024. This three-day long workshop was inaugurated by lighting the lamp by Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, Chairman of Shriram Group of Colleges, Muzaffarnagar.

On this occasion, the director of the institution, Dr. S.N. Chauhan and Ashish Chauhan, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, welcomed the chief guests by presenting them with a bouquet. On the first day of the workshop, Trainer Rohit Pahwa and Marketing Manager Akshit Kumar from Duket IT Training School, Noida were the chief guests and speakers.

On this occasion, the keynote speaker of the workshop, Rohit Pahwa, threw light on the use of machine learning and said that it is used in banking sector, software development, web development, email filters, chat bots etc. Machine learning is a sub-domain of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing systems that learn or improve performance based on the data they receive. He also said that machine learning is different from programming where a computer follows a set of instructions to perform a task, whereas in machine learning the computer itself takes decisions based on old data. He told the students that machine learning is an area of computer science that provides computer systems with the ability to learn on their own. In other words, machine learning technology is developing very fast which can make digital life even easier in the future. Along with this, keynote speaker Rohit Pahwa also took a session on Data Analytics and highlighted that Data Analytics is the process of using tools and processes to analyze raw data to discover trends and answer questions.

On this occasion, Chairman of Shriram Group of Colleges, Dr. S.C. Kulshrestha, while praising the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, said that such workshops organized by the department increase the enthusiasm of the students and also give them knowledge of new and updated technology. Which helps them in future placements.

On this occasion, the Director of the Institute, Dr. S.N. Chauhan expressed his views and said that such workshops are being organized continuously in the Institute, due to which the students will get the opportunity to make a career in a multinational company. He said that the coming time is of computer science and information technology and machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science are the important resources of computer science which are highly needed in the coming time. Today, there are lakhs of job opportunities in these resources, so students should take advantage of this workshop by acquiring as much knowledge as possible.

After the end of the first day of the workshop, mementos were jointly presented to the chief guests by college director Dr. SN Chauhan and dean Dr. Suchitra Tyagi. At the end of the workshop, Ashish Chauhan, head of the department of Computer Science and Engineering, thanked the chief guests. He said that the institute will continue to work in harmony with you in the future so that students will get opportunities to move ahead.

The workshop was successfully conducted by Professor Shubhi Verma. To make this workshop successful, Prof. Ruchi Rai, Vyom Sharma, Atul Kumar Verma, Ankur Kaushik, Mayur Sharma, Shubhi Verma, Veni Bhardwaj and others all had important contributions.

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