Free Yoga Therapy Camp

A Three days "Free Yoga Therapy Camp" was organized by Yogic Science Department of Shri Ram College.

The Event was Jointly done by Dr. Dhirendra Gupta, Chief Physician of the Lala Chatarsain Jain Memorial Naturopathy Yoga and Research Institute, Dr. Aditya Gautam, Director of Shri Ram College, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College and Dean Academics Dr. Vineet Kumar Sharma. A large number of people participated in the camp and got information about yoga along with their physical and medical examination.

First Vedic prayer was done in the three-day yoga therapy camp, followed by Dr. Arvind Vaidwan, Yogi Sunil Kumar and Yogacharya Sakshi Sharma, various medical practices of the people present in the camp E.g. Marma therapy, acupressure therapy, naturopathy, swara yoga and yogasanas, pranayama, meditation were effective therapy by many types of yoga activities. Along with explaining the importance of yoga in life, Dr. Prerna Mittal, Principal of Shri Ram College gave a lecture on the importance of yoga in human life.

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