Quality Policy

Certification of global standard is the best possible recognition for an institution and its quality. SRGC is proud to have received ISO 9001 2000 certification for adherence to high standards of quality.

At SRGC, we also know that maintaining quality continuous process and certification is not an end in itself. We therefore strive to maintain not just the high standards of quality that we already represent but also keep on improving the quality of services and the facilities that we provide. We traine the students with a commitment to quality which they carry beyond the boundries of the institute. This means that perform to high quality work as professionals. Hences, our quality policy is in place,effective and moving towards accomplishing greater milestones for the students of SRGC as well as the institution itself.

It is our endeavor to be recognised as exemplary institution across the world. The recognition that we have already obtained will serve as a basis for our future expansion and groth plans.

SRGC has collaborated with several corporates,national and foreign universities to give global exposure to it's students and faculties.