International Ties

Today world has really become as small as Globe. Global Education has become a charm and Indian brain is appreciated through out the world. For this purpose, SRGC established Shri Ram International Center, SRGC has signed a collaboration agreement with Institute of Technology Blanchards Town (ITB), Ireland in 2011. Our core objective behind is to establish inter-institutional interaction and co-operation in the field of academic qualification, research work and rendering the endeavor culminating into compatible institution-industry interface globally. Institute of Technology blanchardstown (ITB) is Ireland's newest Government owned Institute of Technology opened in Sep 1999, with execellent facilities, state-of-the-art research Learning and Innovation Center (LINC) and Strong Student Support System with execellent mentoring system for International Students. ITB, Ireland has been awarded delegation of Authority by HETAC & the course taught at ITB are on Internationalization Register.Educational opportunuties for Indian students includes multiple degree certifications in Management, Exchange of students, Individual and Joint Research Program, Exchange of Faculty and administrative/professional staff, acting as a nodal and incubation centre and establishment of joint institutes.

Another great opportunity for our SRGC students "Earn while you Learn". i.e. part time working opportunity given by the Irish government to the students. The new aggrements are inline with further recognised international universities and institutions. Similar arrangements are made with Limrick Institute of Technology, Ireland in the field of Fashion, Fine Arts, Biotechnology and Engineering. We are working together with Czech Republic in the field of fashion and participated in a fashion show organised by Czech Embassy. Recently our campus was visited by a delegation of Taiwan for studies and project work of our students in Taiwan. Thus, Shri Ram Group of Colleges has beautifully fulfilled its promise "Transform your Dreams into Reality".