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Our Institution feels honoured to have two weeks Workshop on Innovation, Fabrication & Entrepreneurship conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a theme “Solutions to Muzaffarnagar”, under the Directorship of Professor Charles H. fine, Co-Director, MIT ,Tata Program and Co-ordinated by Mr. Rajesh Nair, Graduation student, System Design and Management (MIT) and Founder ,Chairman, Degree Controls Inc(degree.com). This workshop has been added in the chapters of  The book of Success of our Institution, as our institute SHRI RAM GROUP OF COLLEGES,MUZAFFARNAGAR is now the second Institute of India and the First Institute of North India to have such rejuvenating Workshop at our place. College is thankful to all the mentors from MIT who were the pillars in the conduction of the workshop whose foundation was laid by Professor Charles H. fine and whose structure and designing has been given by Mr. Rajesh  Nair.

This Workshop on Innovation, Fabrication & Entrepreneurship was condensed into following steps that were implemented in the college:

  • Learning basic Innovation Processes.
  • Immersing in a ‘Maker/Haker’ culture.
  • Learning to think like an Entrepreneur.
  • Receiving Mentorship from Experienced Entrepreneurs.

During the workshop students were trained from the very basics that leads to giant projects. They were taught about the technical aspects and innovative ideas that are required to become an entrepreneur. They were made experts on Google Sketch up so that they can give shape to their products and 3D formation to their imagination using 3D Printer. They were trained to design their circuits on CAD and plot them using plotters. One of the most attractive part of the workshop was the training provided by Ankit Daftery, an interactive designer /creative Technologist at Arduino, India on Arduino. During this workshop , as a part of Workshop curriculum, students were made to visit various Industries and villages. There the task was to observe and analyze the problems faced by people working there and to came up with solutions to some of the problems. The students were trained by Mr.Rajesh nair to think from the common man’s point of view whenever we are about to design any product or project. Students were divided in teams and were made to design some technical solutions for some of the problems they observed at the visited sites. Here we got satisfied with the theme “Solutions to Muzaffarnagar” and felt very happy how the technical expertise can be related to the small problems in the best possible manner.