About the Department

The Department offers B.Tech Civil Engineering program of 4 years duration. The eligibility for admission is in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU), Lucknow. The department came in existence in 2010 and already 1 batch have passed out in June 2014.

Indroduction to the civil engineering

Civil Engineering is the art of directing the sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man, for improvement of quality of life. The theory and practice of civil engineering is basically applied in the construction of Buildings & Structures, roads, bridges, aqueducts, canals, river navigation ports, docks and harbours. The Department also encourages its students to engage in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, essential for development, nurturing of team spirit, developing organizational skills and inculcating good moral values and positive work culture.The department aims to develop the ability in students to identify and formulating the problem, acquiring latest technical skills and provide a logical engineering solution globally acceptable with professional and social ethics. . The practical training in Civil Engineering is being offered with the following labs:-



  • Building Materials Testing Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Structural Analysis Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Structure Detailing Lab
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics Lab