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From the start, your Textile Design program will be filled with hands-on projects designed to build skills highly valued in the Textile industry. Later, in our Portfolio courses, we’ll guide you in refining and presenting your work in a professional format that showcases your strengths. You’ll also have chances to complete an internship, participate in local and national Textile organizations and events, even display your work in fashion shows.

As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to pursue entry-level roles in Textile design and development, and our Career Services advisors can help you find opportunities that match your talent and ambition. Choose a school below to learn more about our Fashion Design degree programs and our simple processes for applying and enrolling.

After the completion of the course you may work as a freelancer designer. The Textile industry is booming up and providing the opportunities for the Textile graduates. The demand of ready-made outfit is increasing day by day and in the same proportion the demand of the enthusiastic, skilled and talented designers is also increasing.

You may set your own business or work with the design house, textile industry, garment store, garment manufacturers, boutiques, textile mills, fashion show organizers, media house and several export houses.

After the completion of the course your work profile could be:

· Administrator
· Business planner
· Cloth inspector
· Colorist
· Computer programmer
· Designer
· Doffer (bobbin changer)
· Dyeing supervisor
· Knitting machine technician
· Laboratory technician
· Loom technician
· Production Supervisor
· Quality Control Inspector
· Machine Technician
· Plant Engineer
· Textile Sales Representative
· Textile Sales Manager
· Textile Advertising And Promotion Agent
· Business Planner
· Public Relations Agent
· Purchasing Agent Fashion Designer
· Assistant Designer
· Sketching Employee (Also Called: Sketcher)
· Sample Maker (Also Called: Sample Hand)
· Spreader Office Manager
· Distributor/Planner
· Merchandise Control Specialist
· Pattern Maker
· Products developer
· Production supervisor
· Quality control inspector
· Research scientist
· Safety expert
· Spinner
· Stylist
· Textile tester
· Transportation (shipping) specialist
· Weavers Supervisor
· Finisher/ Supervisor
· Production Supervisor
· Training Supervisor
· Piece Goods Buyer
· Costing Engineer
· Quality Control Engineer
· Sales Manager
· Market Researcher
· Merchandiser
· Customer Service Manager
· Personal Shopper
· Market analyst
· Personnel administrator
· Pattern Grader
· Checker
· Packer
· Division Director Specialist, and many more
stylist career in this field.