Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a creative course having duration of four years. The course requires personal interest in arts and skills like sketching and drawing are appreciable. Courses in Applied Arts, Painting, Sculpture & Visual Communication is to provide fundamental training in Art and Design. It is an introduction to inter-related equally important subjects which include Drawing, Design, Color, Clay modeling, Printing, Geometry and Perspective, Methods & Materials, exercises in Form, Aesthetics and concepts, all of which are designed to promote visual and textural sensibility, formal perception and manual neat-handedness. The Course emphasis is upon creating awareness in the students about the principles of visual and design experience and to suitably prepare him/her for the Specialization courses.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is not merely limited to learning the tricks of making paintings and sculpture. It consists of an in depth training in the fields of fashion designing, textile designing and applied arts. The Performing and Visual Arts Departments at Trinity seek to develop the talents and skills of each student while creating art that glorifies God and blesses those who experience it. Students are free to pursue their creative passions and take their abilities and talents beyond the classroom setting. Concerts, performances, drama productions and art shows are held throughout the year, giving these students opportunities to further develop and share their God-given gifts.

You will learn a variety of skills, including drawing, sculpture, 3 dimensional work, painting, printmaking, mixed media and contextual studies. You will train your aesthetic eye and develop a language through which to express your ideas. You will acquire an awareness of past and present fine art practice. Students are taught in small groups and given one-to-one tutorials. All students have a dedicated space in which to exhibit their work as they develop their sketchbooks and portfolios under the expert guidance of our staff. There are regular opportunities to go on research and drawing trips outside of the studios and to experience the diverse range of local galleries.

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Applied Art is basically a subject which assumes various forms of communication through media which are subject to technical, economic and social controls.

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