Applied Arts
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Fine Arts

Our program prepares students for creating and questioning in a way that transforms how we think about and engage with the world.

The continual exercise of imagination and discipline is the basis for a career in art. Shri Ram College of Fine Arts students become equipped with the rigorous foundational skills they need to be highly adaptable visual problemsolvers who learn to pay particular attention to aesthetics and conceptual dexterity.

We foster a healthy fearlessness—experimentation, risk and complexity are embedded into the very fabric of student work. Such versatility and adaptability are paramount in preparing artists to excel in a continually changing global environment.

Our recognized faculty works to create a program that is both broad in its scope of interests and small in class size to allow for a more one-on-one education. Our Fine Art program supports a spectrum of disciplines including drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography and digital imaging, as well as an array of art-and-design hybrids.